Sailor's Gam


Sailor’s Gam

gam n [perh. short for obs. gammon (talk)]:  a visit or friendly conversation at sea or ashore especially between whalers.

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I purchased your Lugger Pine Wood Sailer model boats in 2019 and am interested in ordering 12 of the Spritsails. My intent is to display them on a shelf at our cottage with our grandchildren’s names on the sails.
D.F. from Delton, MI

M.L. Southbridge, MA

The Coaster is for my granddaughter, 1 year old Hanna (and her Daddy). The Coaster will be named “Palestine” after a schooner my Grandfather sailed on in 1889. The Coaster (Palestine) will be a special gift to Hanna and my first born.

D.B. Schaumburg, IL

I recently completed one of your Skipjack kits and I am writing to tell you what a delight it was to build…I sent my little ship on her maiden voyage on the pond behind my home and she sailed beautifully! A few strong gusts caught her abeam and canted her on her side, but she quickly righted herself and sailed on…Thank you for producing a kit that was a delight to build and sail.

J.S. Atlanta, GA

I would like to order 2 kits of the “Neon Tetra” submarine model. One of the kits is for my niece for her 8th birthday. I have started her on model building, but she prefers models she can play with after she finishes them to the kind that just sit there to be admired. The other is for me, as I also prefer the kind that can be played with. I wonder where she gets it.

D.S. Venise, FL

I enjoyed making the “Polliwog” in fact I made three…I have been spending my retirement making toys of all sizes and shapes for grandchildren-great-grand-kids and a few day care centers. Boat plans for toys seem to be hard to find…Thanks again for a neat ship to model.

R.G. Scotch Plains, NJ

I received my Cricket sloop 2 days ago and all I can say is WOW. It took me only half an hour to put together the hull and the sails and the sea trials were terrific. I had doubts about it’s speed but that boat cut through the water. It was amazingly stable and you’re right, it IS unsinkable. Whoever designed this should get an award for designing the best model sailboat in the world.

B.W. Laurel, FL

Enclosed is a snapshot of “Grandad’s Sloop” (“Shiner”), 6 of the 7 I constructed as gifts for children at All’s Children’s Hospital…They were fun making and without saying, well received. [image was not available]


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