Sailor's Gam


Sailor’s Gam

gam n [perh. short for obs. gammon (talk)]:  a visit or friendly conversation at sea or ashore especially between whalers.

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I purchased your Lugger Pine Wood Sailer model boats in 2019 and am interested in ordering 12 of the Spritsails. My intent is to display them on a shelf at our cottage with our grandchildren’s names on the sails.
D.F. from Delton, MI

Ellen & Wayne

It was great to see you both working the Seaworthy Small Ships booth at Baltimore Harbor during Sailabration. I approached you to share the story of my 22 year old son who made your boats at St. Michaels TCSA meets when he was very young. He went on to build a surfboard, kite board, and electric guitar. He recently moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft and did not want to leave his boats behind. Thought you’d appreciate a photo. Thanks so much for your hard work. It is very appreciated. It always has been.

Email from: A.K.

My boys and I have enjoyed the Pinewood Sailors that we made during the Wooden Boat Show. Wherever we take them kids swarm around us to play with the boats and adults ask where we got them. We just say, “Seaworthy Small Ships.”

M.K. Port Townsend, WA

I just wanted to pass along a well deserved “Thank You”–in this world of mass produced, media hyped toys, it is wonderful to know I can still find a suitable “Toy” to share with my kids–my 6 year old son & I just finished the Neon Tetra & cannot wait till we test it. Keep up the good work.

C.N. Houston, TX

Regarding the “Neon Tetra”: The difficulty level was just right for a six year old. The pre-drilled holes were great. On Saturday we were waist deep in the pool. It passed the float test with flying colors, looking very sub like. The fun started when we wound it up. I confess I had doubts about the torque from the prop but it dove under the surface, traveled across the bottom and did a very realistic climb to the surface. All that to the total amazement of an extremely thrilled 6 year old. It is a great kit and made for a fun weekend.

J.G. & M.G. Centreville, VA

I must say my son & I both were delighted with the Neon Tetra submarine.  Your kits are the most innovative/creative I’ve seen in years. Anyhow, enclosed please find a check for the Cricket sailboat. P.S. We tested the sub last night and it really does perform as promised.


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