Sailor's Gam


Sailor’s Gam

gam n [perh. short for obs. gammon (talk)]:  a visit or friendly conversation at sea or ashore especially between whalers.

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I purchased your Lugger Pine Wood Sailer model boats in 2019 and am interested in ordering 12 of the Spritsails. My intent is to display them on a shelf at our cottage with our grandchildren’s names on the sails.
D.F. from Delton, MI

W.B. St. Leonard, MD

No scouts tonight so Jack and I built the Skipjack he has been begging to build with him for so long.  Now we just need to seal it and sail it! They are real bay models you build with actual brass keels that really sail from Seaworthy Small Ships. Something fun to do with your kids! support local…  W.B. from St. Leonard, MD


A. S. Philadelphia, PA

You and I spoke about Ella having all of her models on the mantel. We have five boats up there. She’s six, she’s built one of your models just about every year that she’s been alive.  We appreciate the time you take during the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival events.  Attached are two pictures; one of the mantel with the boats, and another showing Ella and another young one enjoying their boats two years ago.


M.C. Pacific Grove, CA

I just placed an order for a couple of your kits. They are gifts for my grandson who’s turning six in a couple weeks. After exploring your website, I wanted to congratulate you on your amazing products, activities and outlook. Thank you for making what I can tell is a terrific product and also for what you’re doing for our craft and our kids.

D.H. Seattle WA

D.H.— Gift Shop Manger, Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle, WA

I’m glad I decided to take a chance on the semi-scale models – people are loving them! As such, I would like to order. . . .


The twins were excited to build something on their own. My girl was eager for photos, while my boy was eager to try out some military maneuvers with the paddle wheeler.

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N.B. from the UK

First I’d like to compliment you on your website and the wonderful models that you have available. I’m interested in buying one of your semi-scale boat kits as a Christmas present.


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