Sailor's Gam


Sailor’s Gam

gam n [perh. short for obs. gammon (talk)]:  a visit or friendly conversation at sea or ashore especially between whalers.

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The twins were excited to build something on their own. My girl was eager for photos, while my boy was eager to try out some military maneuvers with the paddle wheeler.

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J.P. Sugar Land, TX

I am building the Coaster kit. It is a fun kit and gives me a break as I normally build more complex ships. I went a little overboard and planked the deck with thin sapele strips I had laying around. The edges were colored with a black marker to simulate tar. Am in the  process of cutting sails.  Shooting to sail her this week…  Had the Coaster out for 2 hours today 5-7 mph winds. Sailed great. I had it tethered (to a light fishing line).  I plan on ordering the Skipjack and Cricket.



C.C. & F.C. Winthrop, MA

My son asked if I could send you a couple of pictures of him and his Seaworthy Small Ships! He loves boats and enjoys working on ours with his dad. He has already earned the Toad, Draketail, Viking Long Ship and Trimaran. He can’t wait to get his next one. Only problem is that he can’t decide between the Cricket and Skipjack LOL. He wanted you to know that he is very happy with their performance in the water! 😁 He takes them whenever we go out in hopes we’ll find someplace to launch them. We hope you have a great day,


L.P. Buffalo, NY

“I think your company is great and I didn’t ever want to forget you so I put your phone number in my cell phone.”

These are just a few of the kits purchased for her grandchildren.


V. K. Alameda, CA

We received this wonderful drawing and comment from one of our customers.  “Thank you so much.   We love our Cricket.

S.N. Brooklyn, NY

Just a note to tell you how much my daughter and I are enjoying your ships. She’s seven now, but we started building ships from Seaworthy two years ago. I’m sending pictures of the one she built as well as two boats that I built with her help. We love your products.  Thanks for the memories.   S.N. from Brooklyn, NY


W.B. St. Leonard, MD

No scouts tonight so Jack and I built the Skipjack he has been begging to build with him for so long.  Now we just need to seal it and sail it! They are real bay models you build with actual brass keels that really sail from Seaworthy Small Ships. Something fun to do with your kids! support local…  W.B. from St. Leonard, MD


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