Pine Wood Sailer Regattas

Pine Wood Sailer
Model Boat Building and Sailing Regattas


Seaworthy Small Ships’ model boat building and sailing regattas are both educational and fun. They can be used as educational activities for teaching cultural and maritime heritage, history, art, math, science, manual and team building skills.

Model boat building and sailing can be conducted as a fund raiser or as a family oriented “hands on” activity at special events. Seaworthy Small Ships Pine Wood Sailer model boats are designed to be built and launched in minutes and entertain for hours. This makes them the perfect compliment to any event.

Tilly Pond Regatta
Kids building Pine Wood Sailers


Regattas can be conducted indoors or outside.  You will need tables, chairs and a pond.  The pond needs level ground, good drainage and water access for filling. Personnel will be needed to conduct this activity.


Complimentary Items and Services

Seaworthy Small Ships can be contracted to conduct or assist in conducting this model boat building and sailing activity. Costs vary due to the degree of participation by Seaworthy Small Ships. Travel expenses and lodging will also need to be provided. Our services to conduct the regatta include Seaworthy Small Ships’ personnel (other staffing may be needed), our model boat pond, all supplies and a fleet of our own completed boats. These completed boats are kept in the pond for anyone to sail during the activity. This is free of charge, all are invited to participate and it ensures fun for everyone.

Seaworthy Small Ships can construct a reusable model boat pond for you. Prices vary due to size. Contact us for price quotes on ponds and contracted services.

Kids at Pine Wood Sailer Regatta
Kids at Pine Wood Sailer Regatta

In certain cases, Seaworthy Small Ships will accept for return and issue credit on unused model boat kits that are returned in resalable condition (restocking fees may apply). This agreement must be prearranged and agreed to by all parties. Shipping costs are your responsibility.

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