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Seaworthy Small Ships’ wooden model boat kits are more than just toy boats — they are designed by a boat builder and THEY REALLY SAIL.  Building, sailing and collecting these classic model boats is a hobby everyone enjoys.

Semi-Scale Models

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Our Semi-Scale kits invite the modeler into a rewarding experience of wooden model boat building and sailing with easy to follow illustrated instructions and plans. All of our kits are designed by a boat builder which assures that each model performs with the same sailing characteristics as their full sized counterpart. We are sure you will be delighted with the building and sailing of your Seaworthy Small Ship


Pine Wood Sailers

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An affordable alternative for school, group and individual activities.  Explore the art and technology responsible for our global culture with these fully functional boats of the world. Our Pine Wood Sailers are unique, educational models that can be used for school projects. Great for science, history, art and technology classes or just plain fun.  These model boats have real sailing capabilities and need not be confined to rain gutter races. With simple adjustments of sail and fin these small ships will sail into (close hauled), across (reaching) and with (running) the wind in pool, pond or sea.  Pre-cut wood parts and sail require NO glue to assemble for sailboats. With only scissors to cut rigging line and tape, you’ll be ready to launch in minutes.  

Sea Fleas

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AHR-R-R Maties.  Seaworthy Small Ships has done it again with it’s fleet of SEA FLEA pocket yacht kits… the smallest functional sailboats in the world.  They literally sail on a breath of wind… need only scissors to assemble… no glue… ready to sail in minutes.  Fully adjustable sail and keel fin make sailing on all points possible. 

Model Boat Plans

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Models built from these plans are larger than those we offer in kits but are of the same general build (solid hulls) and character. All use commonly available materials found at your local hobby or building supply store. None require glue. And of course all are seaworthy. Great for school projects and youth groups and learning tool handling skills. Each plan packet includes three sheets of full sized patterns and plans, plus written instructions describing techniques and origin of designs for our Polliwog Flatiron Skiff, Fiji Trimaran and Shiner Gaff Rigged Sloop.

Model Boat Pond Plans

Build your own boat pond.

It’s quick and easy.

Join the Crew to get a FREE set of  Boat Pond Plans

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