Pine Wood Sailers

Pine Wood Sailer Model Boat Kits

“My boys and I have enjoyed the Pine Wood Sailors that we made during the Wooden Boat Show.  Wherever we take them kids swarm around us to play with the boats and adults ask where we got them.  We just say, Seaworthy Small Ships!”   — From -Allen K.

An affordable alternative for school, group and individual activities.

Explore the art and technology responsible for our global culture with these fully functional boats of the world. Our Pine Wood Sailers are unique, educational models that can be used for school projects. Great for science, history, art and technology classes or just plain fun! These model boats have real sailing capabilities and need not be confined to rain gutter races. With simple adjustments of sail and fin these small ships will sail into (close hauled), across (reaching) and with (running) the wind in pool, pond or sea! Pre-cut wood parts and sail require NO glue to assemble for sailboats. With only scissors to cut rigging line and tape, you’ll be ready to launch in minutes.

Pine Wood Sailer kits include pre-shaped solid wood hulls, wooden keel fin, wooden mast and spars, pre-cut sail, rigging line, rigging tape, sandpaper and illustrated step by step assembly and sailing instructions.

Seaworthy Small Ships has developed this more affordable line of boats without compromising basic performance characteristics by refining each to its primary elements using a common grade of wood (may include some knots), eliminating excessive packaging and using recycled materials whenever possible.

Learn more about the Pine Wood Sailing Regatta.   Check out our Pine Wood Sailer Building Tips.
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SHARPIE $12.00 ($10 / 8+)
12″ Two-Masted Sail Boat

YAWL $12.00 ($10/8+) 11" Twp-Masted Sail Boat

YAWL $12.00 ($10/8+)
11″ Two Masted Sail Boat

BERMUDA $9.00 ($7 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

SPRIT SAIL $9.00 ($7 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

JUNK $10.00 ($8 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

GAFFER $9.00 ($7 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

SQUARE RIGGER $9.00 ($7 / 8+)
9″ Sail Boat

LATEENER $10.00 ($8 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

LUGGER $10.00 ($8 / 8+)
8″ Sail Boat

MINNOW $7.00 ($5 / 8+)
7″ Sail Boat

PADDLE WHEELER $9.00 ($7 / 8+)
8″ Power Boat